Infant Dry Skin: The All Natural Miracle Cure

Infant Dry Skin: The All Natural Miracle Cure

When Zayn was born, he was very dry and had terribly flaky skin.

I am naturally inclined to try every product on the shelves (medicinal and non-medicinal) for my own skin issues, but I was nervous to try anything on his infant skin. I didn’t want something that would sting, or somehow make him more uncomfortable. After all, he was only a few days old. Luckily, my midwife told me of a miracle remedy during her first home visit.

This is what my German midwife recommended for dry infant skin:
1.       1 Tbsp coconut cooking oil (heated) and a cup of milk* OR
2.       1/4 cup olive oil and a cup of milk

*The nurse said breast milk would also do the trick, but I used just regular homogenized milk. Costco usually has great deals on Coconut oil if you decide to add this to your usual regimen.

One thing that I added myself, after discovering diaper rash, was a bit of chamomile tea. My thought was that it would help soothe his skin, though I’m not sure if this is actually proven. It does make the bath smell extra nice though. I simply brew a cup of tea and pour it into his bath with the warm coconut oil and milk (always before putting Zayn in the bath. Make sure to check the temperature after adding all of the ingredients).

This honestly has worked wonders on Zayn’s skin. I would constantly be complimented on his softness! Though he has since grown out of his flakey-ness (14 months old already), I still use this trick when he gets bouts of winter dry skin.

Did you have a natural home remedy that worked for you? Or was it a product that worked wonders? I would love to hear from you.

P.S. Be sure to pop your towels directly in the wash post-bath, otherwise the smell of the milk may be hard to get rid of!


Zayn before we began the natural remedy for his dry skin.


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